Selpal approached BBD to assist with a software development project, which the existing vendor had run into trouble with over a period of 12 months. A very short at risk review was performed by the ATC team and the results showed the project could not be saved in the required timelines (subsequent more detailed review confirmed this). The client took a huge jump of faith and requested BBD to put a rapid delivery team together to start from scratch and deliver the project in 3 months. The solution, which subsequent sizing has indicated was a 8 to 9 month project was delivered a week over the 3 month deadline. Selpal is a merchant POS application that allows rural and informal traders the ability to trade physical goods, airtime and other products, record all transactions and reward consumers through the use of an e-wallet for purchasing through the system. The product is well placed to completely disrupt and innovate the spaza industry locally and time to market was a game changer.

Project Details